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I love images, creating them, styling them and as my friend likes to describe them – “drawing those little lines around stuff” – otherwise known as clipping paths.

I work with photographers to help style product images and manage products on the shoots. Planning ahead with the client and photographer and any other designers or web developers to make sure the images are fit for the purpose they are intended for.

And of course the fun starts after the shoot in post production, re-touching, colouring up and cutting out the products or models. I have been known to create products such as furniture where only half a dozen items have been shot but the whole fifty items in the range are needed.

I have worked on concept images for car companies, turning prototypes in to glossy magazine covers and cutouts in to dancing dresses in fantasy rooms for advertising agencies.


“The brochure looks wonderful
and I can honestly say we have
enjoyed every second of working
with you on this project.”

Caroline, Xenca


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